Friday 4 October 2013

Blog Birthday, Novelicious Pinterest Prompt and Polesden Lacey

The house at Polesden Lacey
Yesterday my blog was two years old. I intended to write this post then, but I transferred my domain name and the blog disappeared for a day. I found an article on Godaddy’s support forum (about mapping the domain name to work with Blogger) and it’s back for good hopefully!

It doesn’t seem like two years since I typed those first words and dared to post them. I haven’t been posting regularly lately, mainly because I’m been focussing on writing and submitting. I’ve been alternating between Books 1 and 2: editing for Book 1 when I’m asked for a full manuscript and writing a second draft for Book 2. Both use different skills, but I enjoy switching between the two.

On 18th September, Novelicious announced I’d won their new feature, Pinterest Prompt and they sent me a £20 Amazon voucher! I wrote 280 words of flash fiction based on the photo Novelicious posted of a rainy day on the South Bank in London with a view of Big Ben across the Thames. My story’s the last one in the comments here. If you’d like to enter September’s Pinterest Prompt, the link is here.
Polesden Lacey
Last week I started volunteering as a Room Guide at National Trust’s Polesden Lacey in Surrey. Polesden Lacey is one of my favourite places locally with stunning countryside walks and a house with a fascinating history. I’m reading Mrs Ronnie by Siân Evans, which is about Mrs Greville, a society hostess who lived at Polesden Lacey from 1906-1942. In 1909 Mrs Greville hosted her first dinner at Polesden Lacey, attended by King Edward VII. There’s so much I could tell you about the place and I’ll probably write a separate blog post.
And here’s a website discovered today during some training: National Trust Collections has information and photographs about objects and paintings owned by the National Trust. You can search by century, so this website's useful if you’re doing research for a historical novel.

See you again soon (as long as my blog doesn't disappear again...)