Saturday 17 January 2015

7 Ways to Finish Writing the Book

Richmond, Surrey
I’m lucky to be on the RNA New Writers’ Scheme again this year, and I have to get Book 2 finished. Draft five is underway and I’ve just changed my 18thc main character's ("mc") name to one which suits her perfectly.

Here’s my plan on how to finish writing the book:

1.Work on my manuscript every day (well, of course) 

Scribbling notes about how my mc feels about her father’s death doesn’t count.

2. Exchange chapters with a writing friend (have arranged)

Something that's worked well in the past with this particular friend. We haven’t exchanged work for a few years and I think it will help us both.

3. Don’t get bogged down by research

I still have piles of research books, which I shall use when I need them ONLY.

4. When I get stuck, work on another bit of the book and return later

I shall not abandon my manuscript and wallow in ‘I just can’t write’ self-pity; and suddenly find clearing out the cupboard under the stairs a good idea.

5. Use my spreadsheet outline to plan ahead and monitor how much I’m achieving

If I apply the ‘treat writing like a job’ technique, it seems to work well for me.

6. Set weekly and monthly targets re word count or editing a number of scenes

When I’m drafting new words, to set a word count; and when I’m editing, to set a number of scenes to edit.

7. Keep moving forwards!

When I don't reach my daily target, treat it as a 'one off'' and continue the next day as if I did.

Wishing you a belated Happy New Year, and the best of luck with your writing in 2015! 

One more thing…

I have a new neetsmarketing blog about social media for writers and here’s my first post:

My Beginner’s Guide to Twitter for Writers.

Plus I have fabulous guests to follow on the neetsmarketing blog, including ‘Alison Morton on Twitter’ on 6 February 2015, and ‘The Romaniacs on Blogging and using Social Media as a Group’ on 6 March 2015.