Thursday 6 December 2012

You've Got the Look Meme

My Twitter friend and fellow blogger, Stacey Mitchell has tagged me for the You've Got the Look Meme. Thank you so much Stacey!

This meme asks that you go to your current WIP, find the word ‘look’, and post surrounding paragraphs. Then tag 5 more people to do the same.

I've copied and pasted a bit from Chapter 1 of The Grandson.

Jessica didn’t like the way Alessandro spoke to her, but she put it down to tiredness. She went into the kitchen and put the coffeemaker on the hob, lighting the gas with a match. Whilst pouring a glass of water from the fridge, she wondered how long he was going to be in Siena and what had happened to make his mother emigrate to America. He wasn't in the mood to be asked questions and she didn't want to come across as being nosy. The idea of going back into the lounge made her feel anxious, her nerves heightened by the heat and she turned on the cold tap, holding her wrists under the water to cool herself down.
    The coffeemaker gurgled and she filled two espresso cups, stirring sugar into his. She carried the drinks in on a tray and handed him the thimble-like cup which looked tiny in his large hands. He muttered 'thanks' and knocked it back. Holding her espresso, she perched on the edge of the chaise longue by the window. His presence made her feel awkward and she didn't know what to say. As she watched the long hand move around the clock on the wall, its ticking punctuating the silence, she considered making an excuse to leave the room.
    Alessandro pointed at the painting of Sophia’s late husband which hung above the fireplace.
   ‘Is that Giorgio?’
   Grateful that he'd brought up a subject to talk about, Jessica said,
   ‘Yes, your grandfather?’
   He nodded.
   ‘He did that one himself,’ she said. ‘I take it you haven’t been here before?’
   He studied the painting of the distinguished man with crisp white hair and a roman nose.
   ‘This is my first time in Italy.’
   His eyes glazed over and it was clear that the self-portrait moved him. She was tempted to ask why his mother had moved to America, but she decided against it.
  ‘It’s been a tough day I expect?’ she said.
I would like to tag the following lovely ladies:

Rosemary Gemmell
Michelle Flatley
Jules Wake
Debs Carr
Liz Harris

No worries ladies if you don't have time or don't fancy it!

I can't believe how close it is to Christmas-I'm off to do some internet shopping...

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  1. Interesting excerpt! I certainly want to know more after reading this, especially about the tension between these characters...

    1. Thanks Stacey! That's great. Yes, there is a bit of tension early on.x

  2. Sounds like a fun meme for you creative ladies, that doorway looks very Italian.

    1. Thanks for reading Linda. Yes, the door is in Siena where The Grandson is set.

  3. Fun. It's a lot like the Lucky 7 meme.

    1. Yes, it's a good idea. Couldn't believe how often the work look came up-not just meaning 'seem' as above, but also 'look at', 'look after' and even 'overlook' appeared a couple of times.

  4. I love the sound of The Grandson, Anita and would like to read more after seeing this excerpt. x